About City Connects

City Connects originated in the Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio in 2017. It was created to give the community a direct line of communication to their neighbors and small-business professionals who provide valuable products and services that are needed locally.

We live in a world where people want to make meaningful connections. Ask yourself, how you connect with friends and family; social media, perhaps? Now ask yourself how you connect with your local business owners. Sure, there are some avenues to venture down, but none like City Connects.

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The Solution

City Connects provides valuable connections unlike anything you have experienced before. If you are looking to be connected to someone in your community, go to City Connects website or mobile app (Soon to come), submit a request to be contacted, and sit back and wait for a prompt response. Additionally, use the website to write up how your experience was. Share with your neighbors why City Connects should be the first place to visit when looking for a service or product.

Our Future

As communities begin to see how easy it is to connect locally, City Connects will continue to grow. Soon you will see dozens of City Connects popping up all over Northeast Ohio. Soon thereafter, throughout the Midwest, until there is a City Connects in every major city in the USA providing your community with an intimate experience only City Connects can provide.