Looking for a way to get connected with business people in your community?

City Connects will help! Imagine a group of dozens of local professionals looking to earn the right to be recommended to your friends and family. Additionally, imagine that same group of local professionals recommending you and your services to their friends and family. It’s a win-win for both parties. Not sure if it is for you? Join us at one of the bi-monthly meetings.

  • Connect with local resources that can help you and your business.

  • Get qualified referrals from other City Connects members.

  • Become an engaged member of your community.

City Connects is simple, organic, and efficient.


Let’s not complicate how simple finding a solution to a challenge can be. Are you wondering how to market yourself and your business? City Connects provides a user-friendly platform to explain the services that you provide, to allow your community to contact you directly, and to leave reviews on their experience.

Are you wondering how to build a network of people that can recommend your services on a monthly basis? City Connects allows one professional per industry to join a group. For instance, if you are a Financial Planner you will be the only Financial Planner allowed in the group. Once you have locked in your position, you’ll have the ability to earn the right to have the other members of your group recommend your services.


Far too often when you join other organizations that focus on helping market your business or service you might find that there are commitments that are just too hard to balance with a full workload. Perhaps the administrators may use pressure to force members of the group to “pass referrals.” Passing referrals is old school. City Connects creates connections and there is no quota. It’s that simple.

Here at City Connects we don’t believe in micromanaging. If accepted into a City Connects group, it is your responsibility to earn the right to be connected. It needs to happen organically and without micromanaging pressures.

City Connects has found a happy medium in easy to accomplish metrics. City Connects understands that networking isn’t the end all be all. With that said we meet twice a month. Easy…

It is our goal to provide a healthy environment that caters to creativity and focuses on organic growth.


The process that City Connects teaches its members is tested and proven. Each individual has different goals they are trying to accomplish and we take the time to develop the best ways to market their business to the community. When you join a group, you’ll have 20 plus individuals that have become your sales force making connections for you left and right.

Any business owner or sales professional looking to grow their business can apply. It is critical that the business you are representing is cleared to do business in the state of Ohio. In some cases we may also ask for proof of licensing and proof of being insured and bonded.

Upon receiving an offer to join the group, each member agrees to some simple to manage commitments.

The areas of commitment:

  • Attendance
  • Helping the group grow
  • Meeting other members of the group outside of City Connects meetings
  • Membership dues
  • Being prompt

We understand that this type of our type of networking may not be for everyone. With that said, if you are thinking about joining a group. City Connects will allow you to join as a guest for 2 meetings prior to being asked to make a commitment. Once you have made a decision to join you can find the application to join on here.


City Connects’ platform allows business owners and sales professionals to gain access to:

  • Social Media marketing
  • Formal networking exercises geared toward making connections
  • 4 social events a year
  • A way for your clients to write reviews

Member Commitments:

  • Attendance; two meetings a month
  • Helping the group grow
  • Meeting other members of the group outside of City Connects meetings
  • Membership dues
  • Being prompt

“I really enjoyed the atmosphere City Connects has created. The group was very diverse and seems to have produced a good amount of business for the members. Many times I run into networking groups that are comprised only of individuals trying to start a business or job seekers without a good, strong business foundation that can help each other to grow their businesses. City Connects seems to have hit many industries, start-ups, and established businesses.”  – Brandi, HR Professional



  • Provide a service that is not currently provided by another member

  • Any business owner or sales professional looking to grow their business can apply

  • Commit to the basic membership requirements outlined above

Phone: 440-630-0202