Meet Patrick

Services provided:

  • Financial Planning
  • Individual and Family Insurance Including Life, Disability, Health, Property, and Casualty Insurance
  • Business Planning – Buy / Sell Agreements, Disability Buyout Plans, Key Man Plans, Overhead Expense Plans, Golden Handcuff Strategy, Platform for 401K and 403B


  • Pay Setter Platform
  • 2nd in Production

About Patrick:

Patrick, a Cleveland native and Tremont resident, has been a Financial Representative for 5 years. Throughout his career he has worked with many different individuals from all walks of life. He provides succession planning to well-known Cleveland businesses but he has also helps provide a risk management based path to retirement to the professionals of Cleveland.  He started with a new firm in the beginning of 2017 and has since then won several awards at his firm for being a difference maker in the lives of many Clevelanders. Patrick is dedicated to providing top-notch service to the people he works for.  Reach out to him today and set a time to meet.


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